Thrill Chaser · Signature Blend

Rich, Bold & Wild 〜 Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut & Berries
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  • Origin: Kenya & India

Rich, bold and wild. Perfectly balanced espresso blend of Mt. Kenya world-class arabica and award-winning Indian Kaapi Royale robusta beans.

Roasted medium-dark, highlights the heavy body, sweetness and rich crema of the coffee. Fine acidity full-body, with dark chocolate taste and hints of nuts and wild berries. Cultivated in the unusually fertile volcanic soil of Mount Kenya.

Hop in!  Let's find some beautiful place to get lost! 

Arabica: Bourbon, SL-28, SL-34
Robusta: Kaapi Royale


Kenyan coffee at its finest

A country of great diversity, both physically and culturally. With blissful Indian Ocean beaches, craggy mountains, lush forests and wildlife-rich savannahs, there are endless adventure possibilities to chase the thrill.